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10 Solo is a swinging game which has been driving people crazy.

“Have to be very skillful and high-attentioned.”

“Lv3 is driving me crazy!”

“Being able to swing on both sides makes it interesting.”

“Gameplay is nice. I like it going up instead of going sideways.”

Swinging man is around the hanger world all by himself, with only one rope holding him up.
10 Solo is a swinging game with unique levels. Obstacles, darkness, loss of gravity, transportals……
They look simply designed but actually not easy to master. There is a bonus surprise after each leavel, but
you need to be very careful to find out.
Unlock the following unknown new worlds and get into new challenges.
Find out what’s out there by yourself.

This is not an easy game to play. This is a game for loners.

—Beautiful 2D physics.
—10 different worlds to unlock and explore.
—Darkness, transportals, loss of gravity…
—For maximum awesome headphones recommended
—No in-app billing