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Jungle Munchers is an action-packed food fight frenzy battle game. Tap to Munch & Munch to Win!!

Battle jungle munchers to eat the most munchies in a series of gut-wrenching challenges.
Use weapons of mass digestion for a munching boost.
Win to unlock new munchies and gain access to other higher-stake feeding frenzies.
Only one can dominate the jungle of competitive munching…
Dare to munch?

* Addictive, easy & simple gameplay
* Over 40 munchie challenges to compete and unlock
* Choose from several jungle munchers as your munching warrior
* Weapons of mass digestion to boost your munching lead
* Bursts throughout each challenge for more munchies to munch
* Unlimited playtime – no limits on number of times you can play
* Munch in privacy – no embarrassing social media requests for extra lives