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MAKA is a HTML page editor featured with slid show effect with ease to connect social network software. Yes! You can do live PPT presentations on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!
Like traveling? Use MAKA! You could create your own travel photo album on it and share with your friends on Facebook!
Speed your business? Use MAKA! It could help you to make delicate e-invitations of the product launch, and send immediately to the commercial partners on Twitter!
Get rid of the dull ways of presentation:
Tired of text or image? Use MAKA! We could make your words and pictures dance along the background music. With dynamic interactive effects, MAKA will make your works stand out attracting more audients in social media.
Theme template:
Worried about cumbersome operation? No problem! On MAKA, we provide various themes of template originally created by tip-top designers covering Conference Invitation, Product Introduction, Recurrent Information, Travel Photo Album, and so on. Easy editions in the template, make your MAKA work done by 5mins!
Connect with your Social Network Software:
Share your awesome MAKA works with friends! No matter Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, just press the “Share” button to post your MAKA works on any social software platform.
Data Tracking Function:
Is your MAKA work liked by audients? Let’s check! With the function of data tracking, MAKA could always display the communication effects via collected data.
Contact us

Forum: forum.maka.io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maka919/
Twitter: @MAKA919