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Use your strategy and flick out a beautiful curve!

Mini Bowling 3D is a unique bowling game for your mobile devices. Different from other bowling
games, Mini Bowling 3D is with cartoon graphics and a different viewpoint. Looking down from above
makes it a unique bowling experience. Mini Bowling 3D makes it possible for you to make curves, which
is almost impossible in real gameplaying. Aim the target, watch out the obstacles, flick your finger
and make a beautiful curve!

Instead of taking scores,there are plenty of different levels for you to challenge. And with each
level you have to knock down the pins with your own yellow little bowl. Obstacles may come out as the
level goes up, which at the same time makes it difficult, challenging and very much fun.

Bright and light 3D graphics
Flick to make a beautiful curve
Avoid the odds and get a strike
Challenge your strategy and accuracy