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UFO Explorer is a 2D flying game of finesse, extremely easy to pick up yet frustratingly hard to master. Unique thing about it are its controls mechanics. With only touching the left and/or right side of the screen, you control all directions of flight with your thrusters applying force at an angle inwards from each side. Gravity takes care of going down. Your mission is to land safely as you pilot your Flying Saucer through challenging extraterrestrial caverns with alien machines determined to make your journey end in failure. Use your skill to complete each mission with a combination of delicate precision, speed, timing and a tea spoon of luck for good measure.

* Successfully navigate through over 100 challenging levels set across two unique alien worlds.
* Challenging yet instantly addictive controls.
* Numerous Alien Machines to avoid.
* Take alternate routes, but be careful not to get lost and run out of fuel.
* Practice your skill in Explore Mode to beat the Best!
* Set your fastest times and sync them to our competitive UFOXNET leader boards and pilots statistics page.